Aquarium - Farm Produce


What will be doing?
       Breeding and selling aquarium fish

What will i need to start?
      Initially, tow to four pairs of fish to breed and a well lit and well equipped aquarium

Who will my customer be?
       Other breeders and people who love aquarium fish

How much should i charge?
        According to breed and size. Breeder pascua say goldfish sells for P30 to P300 an angelfish P50 to P250 and mollies P40 to P150. The more expensive aquarium fish include the arowanas and flowerhorns, which fetch P1,500 to P7,500 each depending on color, size and class

How much will i make?
       Your cost plus 100 percent. You earning will depend on the salability of aquarium fish in your area

32. Farm Production Peddler
What will i be doing?
        Supplying your neighbors with vegetables

What will i need to start?
        A little gardening know how and a plot of fertile land. Choose crops that are saleable and easy to grow, such as pechay and chinese cabbage. Expect to spend P1,000 to P2,000 a month on water, seeds, and fertilizers

Who will my customer be?
        Your neighbors or your local market

How much should i charge?
         Lower than the prices charged at the wet market

How much will i make?
         Your income will depend on the size of your garden and your harvest

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