Competence = Passion

Competence =  Passion
“there is no greatness without a passion to be great,
whether it’s the aspiration of an athlete, or an artist,
a scientist, a parent or a businessperson
=Anthony Robbins=

Competence will determine whether one’s vision or innovation will become a viable entrepreneurial endeavor. Throughout our life, we have been told to do our best. However, it is equally important for parents and teachers to encourage children to ask, what am I good at. The answer will most likely lead to a business idea that they lead to a business idea that they can pursue when they grow up.

A child may start off by merely being interested in something, but with disciple, diligence and passion, competence can be developed.
            But other some people do open a preschool without the necessary competence, children end up not learning anything of value. The owner is most likely a business person, rather than a true educator with excellence, competence and passion to educate a child.
            Therefore, it pay to develop the competence of your child in areas where he is good at. When you help your child find his niche, you will enable him to eventually find his passion.
Milagros Leelin Yee and Clarita Leelin Go
(goldilocks founders)
            Although they had a shared interest in baking, the sister’s beginnings cannot only be attributed to their passion for cooking. Though they didn’t have a family enterprise on which to base their business model for Goldilocks, they had their parents to thank for sowing the seeds of their entrepreneurial spirit. I remember waking up early in the morning to help my father bake bibingka(rice cakes) and other pastries in a portable oven. I also recall our mother serving food and caring for our community Milagros recalls. Our door was always open to those in need of some hearty merienda or a refreshing glass of sago’t gulaman. Everyone was family. That sense of family, more than their background in business and finance, is what defined Goldilocks. Clarita adds that they were motivated by their passion for family. We serve good food and give our customers the best that we can possibly give them.
Source: Go Negosyo Joey Conception Inspirign stories of women entrepreneurs

ABC’s of developing competence

 Actively purse interest and desires. Interest in what will drive a child to spend long hours working on something. I have hear many parents say, My child is not very focused when he does his work. But how come he can spend so many hours in front of the computer? Interest in the answer. Observe your child and support his interest. Behind every great child is a great parent and teacher. If your child enjoys creating computer graphics. Find someone who can teach him how to use some programs. If your child enjoys cooking encourage him to cook at home. Helping your child develop his interests is such a great and lasting gift that he will appreciate for the rest of his life.

Be aware of unique intelligence. We are all given our natural intelligences. The earlier children become aware of their strengths, the better they are able to maximize them.
            Self awareness is key to taking steps to develop one’s competence. If you know that you are good at something, you can develop expertise. Conversely, if you know that you are weak at something, you can equip yourself with skills are knowledge to overcome your weakness.
            Parents and teachers should be sensitive about the kind of support children need to maximize their unique intelligences.

Cultivate leadership skills. The best way to learn how to become a leader is to actually lead a group, so give your children opportunities to lead others. The experience will enable them to cultivate their ability to motivate and work with others, which is an important attribute of entrepreneurs.
            Work with others, which is an important attribute of entrepreneurs. For example, if your child is a science buff, encourage him to conduct experiments and show his classmate his tricks. If your child is good at music and performing, let him audition for the lead in a play. When kids pursue their passion, work will seem like play. With this mindset, they can grow up to become like many successful entrepreneurs who work not because they have to, but because they love to.

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