Papier Tole Maker Bartender

11. Papier Tole Maker

What will be doing?
       Cutting out five to seven copies of the same image and pasting them on top of each other give the finished product a three dimensional appearance. The papier tole may then be framed and hung on a wall or used as cover for cards and invitations

What will i need to start?
       A Basic papier tole kit includes a cutter, cutting board, paper shaper tool, shaping pad, tweezer, paint brush, spacer, and non acetic silicone glue. You may bu a kit for about P300 from the papier tole shop.

Who will my customer be?
       people looking for interesting wall hangings or unique cards including associations sending out holiday cards each year

How much should i charge?
      Depending on the size of the papier tole, P220 to P4,400

How much will i make?
      Here's an idea: you may charge P350 for an assembled papier tole that cost you P65 unassembled, and P1,600 for a set that cost P720 unassembled.

12. Bartender 
What will i be doing?
           Mixing and serving alcohol and non alcoholic drinks and suggesting to guests what drink is best for a particular food.

What will i need to start?
          A cocktail shaker and a jigger(P350 for a 0.3 liter cocktail shaker; P155 for a 60 ml jigger) that you may bu from Gourdo's Specialty Food and Cookware. You'll also need ice buckets, jugs, electric blenders, bowls, knives, corksrews, stirrers, toothpicks, straws, and chopping board.

Who will my Customer be?
        People hosting private parties and hotels hiring extra bartenders during the holidays. It's a good idea to team up with catering firms like Alba Restaurant and Catering Services and The Plaza Kitchen

How much should i charge?
       P1,500 to 3,000 for about five hour's work at a party. You should also determine your extension fee as many parties last longer than expected

How much will i make?
       100% of your fee

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