Self Smart

Intrapersonal Intelligence
Self Smart

Intrapersonal intelligence is the ability to understand oneself and others, allowing a person to know his strengths and weaknesses. Children who are strong in this intelligence are very good at setting goals for themselves and accomplishing them. Their self understanding allows them to have a deep awareness of their feelings, visions and dreams. They recognize their strengths and cultivate them throughout their life. Entrepreneurs and other self made individuals who possess the self knowledge, confidence and discipline to enter a new field of business have to be self smart.

Parenting tips on how to raise
Self smart entrepreneurs

1. Start a project: Self smart kids often have great ideas they want to try out. One of our high school teens dreamed at having his own radio station during his freshman year. We supported his dream by allowing him to develop a program for his teen radio. We also gave him the opportunity to interview and watch DJs in action. This helped him narrow his dream from owning a radio station to developing a radio program. Such self directed projects can range from something complex as this radio station to something as simple as setting up an aquarium. Whatever it is, projects allow self smart kids to practice setting and achieving goals through self discipline. Parents can actively support a dream by being involved or by providing materials to get the young dreamer going.

2. Support hobbies: Many business ideas are born out of hobbies goldilocks, the famous Filipino bakeshop, was born in the home kitchen of the leelin sister. Allow children to engage in hobbies that give them joy. This will teach them to devote time and energy to something they love.

3. Make your child keep a journal or a diary: Reflection is part of the strength of self smart kids. They are emotionally intelligent and like reflecting on their observation and thoughts about themselves and others. To give them an outlet and strengthen their self reflection, encourage them to keep a diary or journal. For students in grade school, you can expose them to popular published diaries such as the amelia journals by Marissa Moss or the Diary of a Wimpy Kid by jeff kinny.

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