Children to social realities
Exposing children to social realities gives them
The opportunity to discover and understand how they can make a difference.

Unless children are exposed to other children who are less fortunate, they grow up assuming that the lives of everyone else are just like theirs. Find opportunities for outreach and exposure. You can also give social commentaries when you see children in the street or pass by areas where poverty is evident. Charity can also start at home by making them aware of the situation of the families of household help. How fortunate they are to be in school should also be a privilege that children should not take for granted.

GKnomiks Launched for action
Gawad Kalinga has been cited for its sustainable community development programs that are not only invaluable to nation-building but have also given dignity to many Filipinos in depressed areas. This year, GKnomiks was launched in recognition of “the importance of creating social and environmental benefits along with economic profit”. GKnomiks aims to make social enterprise development possible. Currently, GKnomiks develops products from recyclable foil packs and sells these to help depressed communities earn additional income. For GK, this is only one of the first steps to break the cycle of poverty.

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