Habit of Responsibility and Accountability

Habit of Responsibility and Accountability
Parent personal integrity check
  1. I have other people or a situation as an excuse for not being able to do my work
  2. I sometimes fail to meet deadlines.
  3. I have started some projects that I never got around to finishing.
  4. I am willing to do my child’s homework or project if it will help him get a high grade.

Teaching kids to be accountable for their actions starts will positive discipline and the use of logical consequences. Kids need to know that their choices have corresponding consequences. If they stay up late watching TV, the next morning they will be sleepy in class. If they play during class and are not able to copy homework, then they will have to copy it during break time, taking away time from playing with their friends. Children have to learn that they need to take responsibility for the choices they make. The worst thing a parent can do out of love is to do their children’s responsibilities because they will never learn. You can support and guide but you should NEVER do their work for them.
Lesson from parents – Habit of Responsibility
Be Chan(Chariman, Suyen Corporation*)
“My mom had very good organizational skills. She tough us all to be hands-on. She set the example by always being visibly present in the office and in the factory. She knew everyone’s responsibilities. I would always remember her telling all of us to take care of the family name. we should not do anything that would put the Chans in a bad light. “Pay all your bills!”, she would always tell us. I also learned from her the value of dedication, perseverance and hard work. “when I was a kid, my dad had a heart attack. This left half of his body paralyzed. It was my mom who continued with the business. As a woman, she had to be strong in running the business and raising a family. After all, there were seven of us she had to nurture.

How can the Habit of Responsibility and Accountability
be developed

Be Responsible for your work. Give your children responsibilities at home, like chores. Your toddler should be expected to clean up after playing. Older kids should be responsible for cleaning their room or doing errands. The very basic responsibility of children is to do homework. Do not do your child’s homework. Do not be tempted to give his teacher a false excuse, such as being sick, just so he will be excused for not being able to turn in homework on time. Doing homework is not optional. As a parents, you should guide them into the habit of turning in quality work.

Be Accountable for your action and decision. Accept responsibility for your mistakes. Allow kids to make mistakes and experience the logical consequences of the decision they make. I remember when my daughter forgot the book that she needed to read for a quiz the following day in school. I always remind her to check her things before going home but she was to eager to play. I refused to allow her to go back to school for it. She had to wake up rally early to get to school an hour before so that she could study for her quiz. She has never left a book since.

Don’t live beyond your means. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. Teach children to be responsible for how they spend money. I remember speaking to a parent who shared his heartache. He said that as far as he can remember, he has been bailing out his 30 year-old son from debt by paying for his credit card bills. He was hoping that by now, his son would have learned his lesson, but his disappointment, he continues to fall into debt. I told him that maybe this time, he should allow his son to take responsibility for his action. Instead of paying for his debt, the most he can do is to guide his son in thinking of a way to pay for it. Perhaps he can do extra work or save more. Financial responsibility is a habit that is indispensable to a future entrepreneur.

Meet deadlines. Be responsible for managing and using your time wisely. Teach children to use time management tools. Buy them a calendar or a planner to remind themselves when things are due.

Finish what you start. Do not the habit of “ningas kugon”(i.e starting something with much excitement, and then leaving it unfinished as they move on to another more interesting task). If they ask you to enroll them in a class, make sure they complete the course. Children should know that they have the responsibility to finish something even if it is no longer interesting, or if it has become difficult. As entrepreneurs, they will fail many times before they find their his breakthrough idea!

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