Cell Phone Casing Decorator

Cell Phone Casing Decorator
What will I be doing?
            Personalizing cell phones to the extent of putting a client’s name or even picture around the casing with sticker cutouts.

What will I need to start?
            A layout cutter machine (P40,000) from Taiwan or Hong Kong the size of an inkjet printer; a graphics-handling computer, a printer, a scanner for digitizing hard copies of pictures or image from clients; and a blower or hairdryer to tighten stickers when installed. You may order special sticker abroad or from a local distributor, and their cost – P5 to P25 for an 8”x11” sticker – will depend on their designs and texture. The designs include standard, checkered, wood panel, hologram, velvet, copper, carbon and metal with an aluminum texture. You may buy a 50-meter roll about 60cm wide for P12,000 if you expect brisk business

Who will my customer be?
            Almost anyone with a cell phone, but trendy people particularly. You may also tap cell phone vendors in bazaars by supplying them with precut designs that they can retail

How much should I charge?
            Around P75 for a personalized name sticker and P150 for a wrap around design. Arthru Ng has been in the cell phone business for six years, and he says you may offer them stickers at a 20 percent discount.

How much will I make?
            As much as 60 percent of your selling price. You’ll be able to make four wraparound cell phone stickers from a bond size sticker

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