Candied Yams

Candied Yams
Recipe by Dorothy Ferreria

Ingredients: serve 8
1 kilo yams or sweet yellow potatoes

For the sauce
1 cup white sugar
½ cup water
¼ cup butter juice of 1 orange
½ cup water
1 pandan leaf
¼ cup mango or pineapple jam or orange marmalade
Juice of 2 calamansi, optional
½ cup cooked red sago or red kaon

Wash yams or sweet potatoes well, removing all traces of dirt and grime. Peel and slice into large chunks.

To make the sauce
In a large saucepan or work, combine sugar and water.  Place over medium heat and allow to boil. Lower heat and allow to caramelize to a rice golden brown.

Working quickly, pour in butter, juice and rind of 1 orange, water, pandan and jam. Mix well.

Add raw camote cubes and continue cooking on low heat, stirring frequently, until camote cubes are fork tender. If desired, add the calamansi juice after cooking for a stronger citrus flavor. Remove the pandan leaf and rind before serving. Garnish with sago and kaong. 

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