Curiosity = vision

Curiosity = vision
The parents respond to their children’s constant questioning with a curt “keep quit” These parents are not very different from teachers who order their students to just listen and not ask any question. There are also those who still heard. All of these responses conspire against the development of a child’s natural curiosity.

“Vision without action is a dream.
Action without vision is simply passing the time.
Action with vision is making a positive difference."
=Joey Barker=

Curiosity is at the core of the entrepreneurial mind. It pushes a person to want to know more or learn about a problem; question how the problem is related to prior knowledge and experience; and persist in researching and exploring all resources to know more about a problem. It allows a person to react positively to new, strange and mysterious elements of an issue or problem.

This kind o curious mind enables a person to come up with his own vision, which can be solution to a problem or an answer to a need. Without the ability to create a personal vision. Entrepreneurial activity cannot be born.

Marixi Prieto
(Philippine Daily Inquirer)
“You should have a clear idea of where you want to go. Once you have that road map, then be ready to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve what you want. Be focused and do not be distracted.

ABC of developing curiosity

Ask Question and seek answer. Encourage children to ask questions and help them seek their own answers. Teach them to do their own research, whether by reading an encyclopedia or surfing the internet. Children begin their lives as question marks, but sadly end their lives as periods. An entrepreneurial mind never stops asking question so it can come up with many possibilities. Play the “5xWhy? Game” and allow your child to ask why or how five times. Challenge yourself and your child to come up with different answers everytime. This will get the child into the habit of asking “why?”

Be a dreamer. Allow children to dream, no matter how crazy it may sound. The difference between a businessman and on entrepreneur is VISION. A businessman’s concern is to earn profit but an entrepreneur will want to see his vision become a reality. Not enough children possess the entrepreneurial mind because dreaming is not encouraged. Parents have a critical role in determining whether the child will be a bum with a dream or a successful entrepreneur. Parents have to support and teach children to systematically pursue a dream by being goal oriented. Acting on a dream will require a plan.

Choices and exploration. Curiosity flourishes when children are allowed to explore an interest of their choice. Allow them to experiment and solve problems on their own.

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