Entrepreneurial mind

Entrepreneurial mind

Cielito Habito laments in his article “Are Filipinos entrepreneurial?” that Filipinos tend to be geared toward finding a job rather than creating jobs. We are too oriented toward earning an income, rather than creating wealth. Parents encourage their children to find jobs, especially in foreign lands, and many are content to just work for others.

There is therefore an urgent need to develop the entrepreneurial mind among the children of the next generation.

An entrepreneurial mind can be applied to mistaken notion that the entrepreneurial mind should only be developed if a child is bent on pursuing a career in business. I believe that all children should develop the entrepreneurial mind. It doesn’t matter if your child ends up a profession, such as a doctor, lawyer or teacher. The entrepreneurial mind of your child will empower him to use his profession to start a business.

What is the Entrepreneurial mind?
The entrepreneurial mind is a set of dispositions that enables a person to develop entrepreneurial traits that will help start and grow a business venture.

5c’s of the entrepreneurial mind
Curiosity = vision
Creativity = innovation
Competence = passion
Commitment = determination and perseverance
Compassion = motivation

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