On Call - Key

22. On Call
What will i be doing?
         Helping people with their tasks

What will i need to start?
        Willingness to do tasks

Who will my customers be?
         Anyone who needs an extra hand

How much should i charge?
         P300 for a simple job like bagging groceries or waiting tables. For work that needs my accounting expertise, i charge P1,000 and higher," says Jinny Marcelo a junior accountant with a small firm

How much will i make?
         The amount you charge

23. Key Duplicator
What will i be doing?
         Using a cutting machine to cut and file a black key to match the one that a client brings in

What will i need to start?
          Knowledge of key design and the different types of keys: their shapes, dimensions, and the materials they're made from; a cutting machine( P10,000 to 70,000); an ample supply of blank keys(P10,30, or 50 each); and a file for cleaning keys. No local company supplies these things, but you may order them from overseas.

Who will my customer be?
         Pretty much everyone! If you're looking for bulk orders, propose to supply newly built commercial and residential building with keys for their tenants and residents.

How much should i charge
        P30 for regular keys, P65 for door keys, and P130 for alloy keys. The heavier and more durable the metal, the higher you should charge for it.

How much will i make?
      As much as three times your cost. A regular blank key costs P10 and sells for P30 a blank door key costs P30 and sells for P65 and an alloy key costs P50 and sells for P130

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