Action for Mother Earth
Our children are the stewards of the Earth.

They are paying for the price of neglect and abuse of our and previous generations. A new breed old entrepreneurs have introduced products and services that help care for the environment. There are vast opportunities for our children in the field of environmental entrepreneurship, as citizen become aware of their habits and practices that harm the environment. We need to make our children aware that they have to actively reflect their care for the environment in the choices they make. Environmental stewardship will soon be a major component of businesses as part of their social responsibility. It will not be a choice but a way of life for the next generation.
ECO-Bags are fashionable
Fro the environment
I was pleasantly surprised by how parents and children worked together to create fashionable eco-friendly bags for the KIDS CAN! Bazaar. This was the first Christmas bazaar from which I brought home different versions of the eco-bag. I had 6th grades who painted over canvass bags. I had younger kids spray paint recycled tarpaulin bags. I had another group of students who asked for recycled flour bags and made them into eco-bags. These were only some of the innovative ways our young entrepreneurs chose to be “fashionable for the environment”.

ECHO Store (environment and
Community Hope Organization)
Reena Francisco, co-owner of ECHO Store, shares her motivation: “Environmental apathy in this day and age is borne out of simple ignorance. With political will of a strong and intelligent leadership, we can still reverse the damage. If everyone does their share, I believe the Philippines can someday be a nature haven.

Espousing a sustainable lifestyle, ECHO store was set-up to connect those who are seeking eco-friendly alternatives with providers from different provinces. The store carries organic and locally sourced products, in the process helping provide income to marginalized and indigenous communities.

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