Clothes Stylist

Clothes Stylist

What will I be doing?
            Joining photo shoots to provide the clothes and required looks

What will I need to start?
            An eye for trends and a slew of accessories, designs, colors, and fabrics. You must also have the time: styling jobs are unpredictable and you are on call at any time; if you’re not available on the date and time required, you lose the job.

Who will my costumer be?
            Magazines, advertising agencies, and clients producing advertisements

How much should I charge?
            Professional stylist Cherry Pacheco Uy ( says thte minimum rate per day is P1,500 for editorial work and P5,000 for ads. But charges cost according to the number of looks required

How much will I make?
            From your professional fee, deduct 10% value added tax, transport and other expenses, and what’s left is your income for the day

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